A downloadable game for Windows

Ludum Dare 40 submission.

You are a treasure goblin, your job is to collect treasure and store it in you chest.

Things that I I’ve missed / haven’t done:

1) There is no sound at all! I’ve never done sound, I should learn it at this point.

2) Enemies / AI, there should be enemy adventurers who also try to collect the treasure.  And of course they would chase you with more difficulty as you carry more treasure. (think pacman + diablo treasure goblin chase the other way around).
Wihtout this the game is basic and lackluster. (haven’t managed my time right)

3) I keep doing procedural map generation but it takes time to make it somewhat interesting and useable. I fail to design levels / maps. I don’t know where to start or finish, what’s a good flow and difficulty etc.


lootHorder.zip 14 MB

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